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How to help save the environment with AMSOIL® Signature Series oil?

AMSOIL® Signature Series oil is designed for a drain interval of 25,000 miles or 1 year.
For this example, if you figure a person that drives 25,000 miles each year changes their oil 5-8 time.
Each oil change is between 5-8 quarts depending on the engine
That equates to 25-64 quarts used per year!
Minus the 5-8 used for the AMSOIL® change.
AMSOIL® Signature Oil can save between 20 and 56 quarts of oil per vehicle per year at 25,000 miles per year.

A couple other points of savings:
How much does each oil change cost you?
With AMSOIL® Signature Series you will have one change per year.

What is your time worth?
How much time does it take to do an oil change?
You can see making the switch to AMSOIL® Signature Series oil has many benefits.
Here is a link to the Quick Look Up Guide to help you find the right oil for your vehicle.

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